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03 May 2023
$745,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement

Michael Cerasa | Case Results

03 May 2023
$315,000 Defective Implant Verdict

Michael Cerasa | Case Results

03 May 2023
$515,000 Uber Accident Settlement

Michael Cerasa | Case Results

03 May 2023
$300,000 Car Accident Settlement

Michael Cerasa | Case Results

03 May 2023
$1.4 Million BP Oil Spill Claim

Michael Cerasa | Case Results

The Cerasa Difference
We fight for maximum compensation

The future is unpredictable after a bad car accident, slip and fall, or an experience with defective medical equipment.

For an accident victim to regain control and maintain a long-term healthy and comfortable lifestyle, The Cerasa Law Firm P.C. knows it is essential that we fight hard to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Your settlement or verdict should cover all the damages you suffered due to someone else’s carelessness or greed. You don’t want to discover five years after a crash that your injuries now require surgery and you didn't get enough from your settlement to pay for it.


The insurance companies owe you

It’s important to remember that your compensation is paid for by insurance companies, not individuals. By getting the settlement you need to move forward free of medical debt, you are not taking anything away from another person or family.

What you’re doing when you file a claim is you are forcing the insurance company to do its job. The industry takes people’s money every day in exchange for their promise to cover all damages resulting from unexpected events. When it comes time to pay up, however, insurance adjusters and their lawyers will do everything they can to hold onto your money.

The insurance companies don’t care if you ever heal or get your life back on track. The industry captures billions of dollars in profit every year by rejecting and lowballing legitimate accident victim claims.


Get the most compensation for your claim

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you have one shot at getting a proper compensation package. Do not talk to the insurance companies – yours or theirs – before consulting with a lawyer. Insurance adjusters are trained on how to trick people into accepting blame for damages they didn’t even cause.

We offer free case consultations to accident victims in Central Illinois and across the state. We will review your claim and weigh your legal options. If we think you have a case, Attorney Michael Cerasa will most likely represent you on contingency, which means you pay nothing out of pocket for our legal services and we don’t get paid until we win.


We help you recover the compensation you deserve

Contact us to talk about aggressively pursuing the maximum compensation for your claim. Get a no-obligation case evaluation and start winning your case today.